Part of: How Cities can Engage Organizations in Improving Urban Mobility

How does an organization comply with a TRO?

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Organizations usually develop a Workplace Travel Plan (WTP) —  a written document presenting the organization’s plan to achieve the TRO goals. In addition, each organization needs to:

  • Hire or appoint a mobility coordinator.
  • Develop a marketing strategy.
  • Conduct a periodic evaluation of results.  
  • Send annual or bi-annual reports to the public authority. 
  • Receive evaluations from the public authority.

Some TROs may offer alternatives to the development of a WTP. For example, they may allow organizations to pay a per-employee fee as an alternative to submitting the WTP and use the funding to support sustainable travel options in that area.

Mobility coordinators

  • Each organization appoints a mobility coordinator.
  • The mobility coordinator is tasked with creating, managing, and promoting an organization’s Workplace Travel Plan program. 
  • This can be a full-time position (in large organizations), or the duties can be added to a team member’s job description.
  • A clear supervisor needs to be assigned to evaluate the Mobility Coordinator’s performance.
Photo by Lara Caccia / WRI Brasil