Part of: How Cities can Engage Organizations in Improving Urban Mobility

Use incentives and penalties to get organizations to follow their Workplace Travel Plans

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Incentives can engage companies when the policy is voluntary. 

Common incentives are:

  • Lead by example (government, specially the transit agency should be the first to adopt a WTP)
  • Performance recognition (e.g., an award that promotes peer-to-peer competition)  
  • Tax reduction (e.g., of municipal or state taxes)
Stamp for “Bicycle Friendly Company” from the city of Joinville in Brazil.

Penalties for organizations that do not create or comply with a WTP can be:

  • “Name and shame” (publicly disclose the organizations that are not complying)
  • Refuse to license expansion of facilities
  • Charge fines

Penalties are given for not complying with the policy, not for unreached goals and objectives, which organizations are urged to try harder to meet.