Part of: How Cities can Engage Organizations in Improving Urban Mobility

Use incentives and penalties to get organizations to follow their Workplace Travel Plans


Incentives can engage companies when the policy is voluntary. 

Common incentives are:

  • Lead by example (government, specially the transit agency should be the first to adopt a WTP)
  • Performance recognition (e.g., an award that promotes peer-to-peer competition)  
  • Tax reduction (e.g., of municipal or state taxes)
Stamp for “Bicycle Friendly Company” from the city of Joinville in Brazil.

Penalties for organizations that do not create or comply with a WTP can be:

  • “Name and shame” (publicly disclose the organizations that are not complying)
  • Refuse to license expansion of facilities
  • Charge fines

Penalties are given for not complying with the policy, not for unreached goals and objectives, which organizations are urged to try harder to meet.