Part of: Financing Sustainable Urban Development: An Introduction

Now is the time to transition to more sustainable development

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Containing urban sprawl, securing decent housing for low-income residents, and reducing carbon emissions will require major changes in urban investment patterns. As the graph shows, 2020 is an inflection point. If investment practices continue as usual, it will be even more difficult to “bend the curve.” 

Illustrative Trajectories for “Bending the Curve” toward Sustainable Urban Goals

   Source: Colenbrander & Dasgupta 2018

Cities are at the heart of creating a more equitable and sustainable world as envisioned by global agreements such as the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Climate Agreement, and the New Urban Agenda. Business-as-usual investment practices will not achieve the goal of reducing climate change. To “bend the curve” toward greener, more inclusive development, sources of funds to pay for these investments must be found.