Part of: Benefits of Cycling [Draft Version]

How can we increase the rate of cycling in our city?

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  • Implement cycling policies and programs
  • Consider cycling as a transportation mode and include in mobility plans/city plans
  • Encourage cycling with grant programs
  • Support local agencies during the implementation phase
  • Build capacity for decision makers and implementers in local agencies
  • Find out what the population wants and needs in order to guide actions


  • Design a continuous cycling network
  • Promote safe cycling infrastructure
  • Consider the integrations between cycling and public transport
  • Provide maintenance of cycling infrastructure periodically
  • Implement bike-sharing system to promote cycling

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Bike use will rise as investments are made in bike lanes and parking, safety features, and supportive policies, as has happened in various cities and as projected by other modeling.

Diagram of a bike network that connects important destinations. Source: Cities Safer By Design


  • Raise public awareness and promote cycling within communities
  • Implement cycling projects with the participation of local communities, NGOs, and other stakeholders working on bicycle transportation
  • Organize promotion campaigns by using media resources, public service advertising, seminars
  • Organize events like Raahgiri Day, World Carfree Day, and Open Roads, which link safety and cycling.

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