Part of: Benefits of Cycling [Draft Version]

An example from Mexico: “Muévete en bici”


On regular Sundays for the past ten years (since 2007), part of the Paseo de la Reforma, the biggest city centre street, is closed to cars to provide space for pedestrians and cyclists as part of the “Muévete en bici” (Move by Bike) program. This event has grown to become the fifth largest car-free day in Latin America, with 48 km of streets closed to motorized traffic.

In 2008 the Ministry of Environment opened a Non-Motorized Mobility Strategy Office to coordinate the building of better bike infrastructure, integrating cycling into the wider transport system, creating a cycling culture, and increasing access for all the city’s residents to cycling. Pedestrianization of the city’s historical centres and neighbourhoods began in 2010. Cycling-infrastructure was introduced as part of the “Programa de Corredores de Movilidad No Motorizada” (Non-Motorized Lanes Programme), adding 31 km of bicycle lanes.

Photo by karmacamilleeon via Flickr.