Recorded June 21, 2022 9:00 am

Fifth Technical Session | Generation and visualization of air quality data

Series: Air Quality Community of Practice of LATAM and African cities

The fifth technical seminar of the Community of Practice on air quality of cities in LATAM and Africa, aimed to share with the members of the Community of Practice, the relevance of the generation, visualization and use of air quality data through of Resource Watch and MapBuilder. In addition, experiences and challenges in the use of other platforms were shared.

It was moderated by Ana Cecilia Perales (Air Quality Coordinator, WRI Mexico) and Sergio Baldit (Communication Specialist, WRI).

Kristine Lister, Research Analyst for Resource Watch (WRI)

Nancy Sánchez, Product Specialist for Resource Watch (WRI)

Richard Sserunjogi, Data Scientist (AirQo)

Victoria Owusu Tawiah, Meteorologist (Meteorological Agency of Ghana)

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