Recorded August 31, 2020 7:00 pm

Electric Vehicle Safety: Thermal Runaway, Fire Characteristics & Suppression in Lithium-ion Batteries


In this month’s webinar, we will discuss the nature of thermal runaway and the variations observed with different factors such as configuration, environment, interconnects and state of charge.  For understanding this critical subject better, Dr. Judy Jeevarajan from UL will discuss the fire characteristics observed with two different li-ion cathode chemistries. The results from cell, module and battery-level tests will be presented. The webinar will also include some results from fire suppressions studies using different types of extinguishing agents carried out on very small lab scale modules.

In this webinar, Dr. Jeevarajan will also throw light on many such interesting topics and a few exciting take aways are :

  • What is the nature of thermal runaway?
  • What factors can affect thermal runaway propagation?
  • What are the fire characteristics variation with different cathode chemistries?
  • What are fire suppressants for small li-ion modules?

This is a 1-hour session with a presentation by the speaker followed by Q&A.

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