Part of: Financing Sustainable Urban Development: An Introduction

What sustainable investments are cities making?

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Cities are investing in individual projects as well as portfolios of projects. Sometimes these are part of a city’s capital investment plan.

Some projects in important sectors are shown here. More detail on a few projects is shown in the next slides.


  • Mass transit: Urban rail, BRT, electric buses, etc.
  • Cycling infrastructure, car-sharing, bike sharing, and other micro-mobility options
  • Infrastructure for safe walking

Photo by Mariana Gil/Flickr


  • Water supply and treatment (drinking)  
  • Wastewater treatment (sewerage)

Photo by Mariana Gil/Flickr


  • Shift to renewable energy sources
  • Electrification of industry, buildings,  and transportation sectors

Photo by La Citta Vitta/Flickr


  • New builds and retrofits
  • Efficient lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, cooking, and building management technologies

Photo by Mariana Gil/Flickr


  • Waste-to-energy system
  • Enhanced material sorting and recycling

Photo by WRI Ross Center/Flickr