Part of: Design Principles of Cycling [Draft Version]

Safety Can Be Improved by Design

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Video transcript below.

Video transcript below.

In this video, Anne Eriksson, civil engineer and traffic safety specialist from Copenhagen, speaks about how we can encourage safer behavior through design strategies. 

“It’s very important that on a national level we are focusing on how to reach out to people to diminish speed and do all these things that we know is the better behavior. The police, for example, have a big role in this, and also different laws and other controls.

But on a local level, for example, even though human factors are the most important when the accident happens, what we can do in a municipality is that we can actually make the drivers behave in more safe ways.

We can design the roads so that people slow down the speed and become more aware of each other when they come to an intersection, for example.

By these measures, as road planners and road traffic safety engineers, we can actually help people to behave in a safe way by designing the streets so they understand they should behave in a more safe way.”