Part of: Social Equity Considerations for Cities’ Decision Making Related to Inner, Nearby, and Faraway Forests


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Ayushi Trivedi, Author

Edith Juno, Author

John-Rob Pool, Author

Natalie Elwell, Author

Paige Langer, Author

Sabin Ray, Author

Terra Virsilas, Author

James Anderson, Editor

Beth Olberding, Reviewer

Delfina Grinspan, Reviewer

Elleni Ashebir, Reviewer

Maggie Gonzalez, Reviewer

Mathilde Bouye, Reviewer

Robin King, Reviewer

Ruchika Singh, Reviewer

Smita Rawoot, Reviewer

Todd Gartner, Reviewer

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Additional thanks to Laura Malaguzzi Valeri (WRI), Jaya Dhindaw (WRI), Priya Narayanan (WRI), Sarah Wilson (Pilot Projects), Scott Fransisco (Pilot Projects), Dr. Michelle Larkins (Assistant Professor of “Gender & the Environment” and “Community Engaged Research” at Pacific University) and others for their additional review and insightful feedback.