Part of: Design Principles of Cycling [Draft Version]

Advanced Stop Line (ASL) for Cyclists

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Bike boxes

An advanced stop line (ASL), also called an advanced stop box or a bike box, is a set of road markings at signalized junctions that allows cycles a head-start when the traffic signal changes from red to green.

Bike boxes:

  • Should be implemented at signalized intersections as a safe space for cyclists
  • Make cyclists visible in front of motor vehicle queues during a red light 
  • Allow cyclists a head-start when the traffic signal changes from red to green
  • Should be designed behind pedestrian crossings to minimize the probability of bicycle-pedestrian interaction

Motor vehicles should have a recessed stop line. This allows cyclists to be more visible and “bunch” at busy intersections. The stop line should generally be recessed by 5 meters, providing a de facto “bike box” as well. 

Eliminate parking spaces at least 10 meters prior to the junction to increase visibility.