Part of: Design Principles of Cycling [Draft Version]

A Case from Konya, Turkey

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Network design improves safety

Cycling infrastructure should be designed and implemented as a network.

There is a strong relationship between network design and road safety. Evidence from Konya shows that the lack of network design and presence of interruptions along cycling infrastructure increase the number of crashes involving cyclists.

Safe cycling infrastructure is not about how many kilometers are built but how integrated those kilometers are.

Left: The cycling network in Konya, Turkey. Red lines show the current network, while blue lines represent the planned network. Right: The heat map created with PTV Vissum Safety shows the density of crashes involving cyclists. These crashes occurred in the downtown area where frequent interruption is observed within the network.
This graph shows the relationship between the cycling network and crashes involving cyclists in Konya. The blue line shows the extent of the cycling network in kilometers, while the orange line shows the number of cyclist deaths, injuries, and accidents.