Recorded November 20, 2019 3:00 pm

Corporate Adoption of Electric Vehicles in India


For the benefits of electric vehicles to be utilized to the maximum level, they should be adopted within all segments of society. Hence it is important to see electric mobility from a holistic point of view and consider how we can involve private parties in this scenario.

How do corporate companies procure electric vehicles? What could be an efficient business model?  What works, what challenges need to be addressed, and what are the expectations for enabling corporate adoption of EVs?  

To address these questions and others, we invite you to participate in a webinar on “Corporate Adoption of Electric Vehicles in India.” Mr. Nittan Bhalla from Wipro will throw light on key elements of this topic, which will be useful for various groups, including policy-makers, OEMs, EV component manufacturers and operators of all modes, and electricity service providers.

Areas of discussion will include:

  • Effectiveness of B2B and B2C for different EV segments in India
  • Challenges and opportunities for B2B model for e-cars in India
  • Usefulness of B2B model in electrification of buses operating in private sector
  • Role of financial institutions in B2B model for EV sector

This 1-hour session will include a presentation, followed by Q&A. 


Nittan Bhalla, Facilities Head, DOP Division, Wipro

Mr. Nitan Bhalla has been with Wipro for more than 16 years. In his present role, he is responsible for Facilities Infrastructure, Employee Experience & Employee commute. He has been instrumental in implementing key Sustainability initiatives including Rural BPO, Carpooling & eMobility at Wipro. A graduate in Engineering, he has played various customer-facing roles, including Sales & Marketing, Project Management & Procurement. Beyond championing many efficiency-driven initiatives within Wipro, he has also been an active member at various forums like – The Climate Group, WBCSD, CII, NASSCOM, GBTA, among others. 
He has been recognised as one of the Top100 Facility Managers in India by Commercial Design Magazine for 2 consecutive years and is currently on their Advisory board. He has been a key speaker at National and International forums as well.

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