Capacity Building for Urban Development

City Councillors and Mayors from Madhya Pradesh understand heritage-centric urban development practices through a guided walk around Ahmedabad’s UNESCO listed old town. Photo Credit: Prayash Giria
Councillors and Mayors from cities of Gujarat learn about Intelligent Transport Systems during a visit to the control centre of Bangalore’s city bus service. Photo Credit: Prayash Giria
Town Planners from AMRUT cities of Gujarat brainstorm during an exercise on Transit Oriented Development. Credit: Prayash Giria
Municipal Engineers from the AMRUT cities of Madhya Pradesh understanding Town Planning Schemes through a group exercise. Photo Credit: Prayash Giria
Councillors and Mayors from the cities of Gujarat during a visit to Mysore’s public bicycle sharing service. Photo Credit: Prayash Giria

Recognized as a National Training Entity by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, WRI India supports multiple states with comprehensive capacity building programs for urban functionaries, within the ambit of national development schema such as the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT), Smart Cities Mission, and Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.

Each program is customized to meet the strategic interests and delivery gaps of the partnering state government, drawing on WRI’s expertise in urban transit and planning. Training topics have included public bicycle sharing, transit-oriented development, safe accessibility, use of GIS in urban planning and administration, pedestrianization, and parking management. For a complete list, download our brochure below.

Programs can be offered in the form of in-person workshops as well as curated study tours, employing a self-learn pedagogy through components such as:

  • expert and implementer interactions
  • group exercises and discussions
  • field surveys and site visits
  • learning games and videos

Since 2016, our CBUD programs have reached over 400 functionaries (including over 50 elected representatives) from 100 cities and towns of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Mizoram. 

Why do this training?

Urban functionaries and elected representatives in India are often overwhelmed with the scale of their responsibilities and have limited access to resources for rapidly building their know-how and decision-making skills in the space of urban transit and planning. 

WRI India’s CBUD offer aligns with nationally mandated capacity building guidelines, and harnesses associated financial and time resources. The program creatively leverages in-house subject expertise from WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities’ network to design relevant and interactive capacity building programs that encourage self-learning and effective problem solving.

What will you learn?

  • Become familiar with prevalent approaches towards sustainable urban development and transport
  • Engage in focused discussions and specially designed activities to contextualize theoretical concepts
  • Understand guidelines that can facilitate faster and more sound decision-making
  • Learn how ideas can be effectively and efficiently translated into successful and sustainable projects on-ground

Who should participate?

The program is suitable for functionaries and elected representatives from Urban Local Bodies like Municipal Corporations and Urban Development Authorities, as well as state and regional level urban development offices.