Business Models for Financing TOD in Indian Cities


This session aims to help participants identify existing and innovative business models which can be contextualized for TOD financing.

Why do this training?

While TOD is a powerful tool, several types of barriers exist in effectively operationalizing the same, mostly relating to financing, institutional capacity and governance, administering codes and regulations, and information availability. TOD implementation typically entails long gestation periods and requires significant capital investments, often without definite returns. Hence, positioning TOD for suitable financing and developing concrete policy frameworks and regulations is crucial. The economic condition of the city, political will and capacity among stakeholders are factors that can dramatically influence TOD outcomes.To develop a shared understanding of involved issues, opportunities and to facilitate an understanding of viable business models for implementing TOD, WRI India, is organizing a capacity building session for your team. Between Local, State and Central Government, transit Agencies, business community, philanthropists/leaders, community based organizations, developers and financial institutions that provide resources and support to the TOD process, the amount of capital available for financing TOD is adequate but needs to be properly channelized to facilitate implementation. The project proponents must identify all the components being financed in a TOD and the best finance model that could finance them. Despite widespread acceptance globally, TOD cannot advance in India until the question of finance – “Where will the money come from? How will it be channelized and for what elements?” – is answered.

What will you learn?

  • Learn about viable business models for financing and implementing TOD.
  • Understand the importance of crucial stakeholders that shape finance and administration aspects of implementing TOD.
  • Acquire a shared understanding and language relating to the TOD concept.
  • Discuss application of TOD regulations along transit infrastructure in your urban area.

Who should participate?

Public sector officials, including Development Authorities, Town Planning departments, Municipal corporations, Metro rail corporations, and Railways. In addition, representatives from financial institutions, banking sector, financial advisory, developer sector, and consultancies can also benefit.