Recorded June 25, 2020 3:30 pm

Broadly Beneficial Clean-Energy Planning Session 3: Turning Scenarios into Policies


Broadly Beneficial Clean-Energy Planning is a series of three webinars examining data-backed scenario planning as a tool for structuring stakeholder-centered planning for clean energy policies and programs in cities. Produced and presented by WRI, Greenlink Analytics, and USDN in spring 2020, the series is part of a larger training program which includes provision of data and modeling services from Greenlink for selected cities.

After revisiting the role of government in empowering leadership from frontline communities, Session 3, Turning Scenarios into Policies, explores the interpretation of scenario-modeling results and the design of policies to bring about the community’s favored outcomes. Brittany Sellers of the City of Orlando describes her office evaluated possible policies on the basis of likely impact, feasibility, and social-equity outcomes. Watch to learn more about:

  • How to use scenario modeling to structure—but not dominate—a stakeholder-centered planning process
  • How to find policies and programs that other cities have used to effect particular clean-energy outcomes
  • How to evaluate potential policies based on feasibility and equity outcomes
  • How to design implementation to promote equitable distribution of burdens and benefits

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BBCEP Session 3 Slides
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