Recorded November 22, 2023 12:00 am

Air Quality – CanAIRy Learn 1 tech talk CanAIRy Alert Forecast Overview

Series: CanAIRy Learn: 1st tech talk | CanAIRy Alert Forecast overview

The first technical talk of CanAIRy Learn:

Air Quality Community of Practice was moderated by Ana Cecilia Perales (Technical-Administrative Coordinator for Air Quality, WRI Mexico).

In this session, the new stage of the project and its website: canairyalert.org were presented, as well as George Mwaniki (Air Quality Leader, WRI Africa) talked about the two key tools of CanAIRy Alert: Air Quality Forecasting and Pollution Insights.

The session focused on analyzing NASA’s GEOS-CF modeling system.

Decision makers from three different levels of government: local (city),
state, and national from the Global South pointed out the importance of having a robust platform with local data to support decision-making and, in this way, protect the health of citizens and improve the air in their territories.