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June 29, 2022
Author: wri-mexico

Proposal Development

June 29, 2022

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Proposal Development
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The objective of this learning guide is to ensure that all members of WRI Ross Center understand what the Proposal Development Process (PDP) is and how to follow it in any proposal they lead or in which they participate.

Specifically, this guide will help you:

  • Understand why the PDP is necessary and can help you prepare more successful proposals.
  • Understand your role and responsibilities in making this work.
  • Demonstrate the many teams and resources available to help you navigate the proposal process, institutional requirements and better understand the requests and interests of your prospective funder.
  • Avoid mistakes that can have negative impacts on project implementation and funding, and which can put donor relationships at risk.
  • Learn about useful tools that can make proposal preparation more efficient. 

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