Recorded July 12, 2018 3:00 pm

TOD Policy & Regulations

Series: Transit Oriented Development in Indian Cities

The use of transit-oriented development (TOD) as an urban growth strategy is relatively new in India. Translating policy to action on the ground is possible through a multi-pronged approach. States and cities require a contextual approach based on local trends, market behavior and city requirements. If Indian cities and states adopt and translate TOD strategies effectively, it will promote the development of safe, accessible, inclusive and sustainable cities that prioritize public transport, open spaces and walkable neighborhoods.

This webinar will elaborate on:

  • How to adopt TOD through enabling regulatory machinery 
  • How the recently-launched National TOD policy is strengthening the TOD approach in Indian cities
  • National Urban Transport Policy/ Metro Rail Policy 
  • Delhi TOD policy
  • How various Indian cities are implementing TOD 


Prerna Mehta, Urban Development Lead, WRI India

Prerna has nearly 13 years of experience in the fields of research, project management, urban planning, real estate, architecture and academics. She works on projects related to transit oriented development (TOD), Land Value Capture, safe access to mass transit, Neighbourhood Improvement Plans, Raahgiri initiative, developing toolkits, informing policy, informing design approach of large developments for adopting sustainable planning, and capacity building. Prerna has a Master’s degree in Planning (Housing) from School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi, India; a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Nagpur University, India and a diploma in the Principles and Practices of Real Estate from Indian Institute of Real Estate, Pune, India.