Recorded June 30, 2020 3:00 pm

Technology, financing and commercialization aspects: Lessons from Indian EV Start-up


We all know how first and last mile connectivity can be a hindrance for the seamless usage of a perfect public transportation system in cities across the world. Not everyone has the luxury to live in compact cities where workplaces, recreational and institutional places are within walking distances from their homes! In these cases, the emerging trend of micro mobility services, together with cleaner technologies, act as complimentary services to increase the usage of public transport. In addition, they can also help increase active lifestyles, reduce parking issues resulting in bottlenecks and congestion, and other such urban transportation issues.

Now, although we do have such many micro mobility services from ancient times such as man rickshaws, tuktuks, etc, it is important to know what it takes to mainstream this kind of service into transportation systems. In this webinar, we will learn from Gargi Ghosh of Yulu bikes, an Indian EV start-up, about what it takes to make these services successful and also the tremendous benefits of using them in uncertain times like we face today.

In this webinar, Gargi will take us through these key points along with many others:

  • What is the role and impact of electric micro mobility services in pre, present and post Covid scenarios?
  • How do such services ensure resilient business models and partnerships in times of multiple uncertainties?
  • What does it take to mainstream these services and create a behavioural shift in the users?
  • What kind of technological, ownership, operational and partnership models needs to be considered in such services?

This is a 1 hour session with a presentation by the speaker followed by Q&A.

Speaker: Gargi Ghosh, Lead – Strategic Business Alliances – Yulu

Gargi has been a part of Yulu’s growth story since its inception. Yulu’s vision is to decongest urban traffic by providing a highly scalable, affordable, efficient, and green mode for the first & last mile connectivity and short distance commute. Gargi believes that this is a large social problem that needs to be solved with technology and product innovation. She is a certified inbound marketer, bringing in the classic mix of Engineering and Management academics with a brief but substantial stint in a geographically distributed work environment.
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