Recorded December 16, 2019 3:00 pm

Sustainable Financial Mechanisms and Innovative Business Models for Electric vehicles in India


Although there have been many efforts to promote electrification of transport in India, there are still major anxieties that act as a “speed-breaker” to adoption of this new technology. The most prominent anxiety is related to the high capital costs of electric vehicles, as a result of which many people are still quite reluctant to even think about investing in them. This is not only from the point of view of the consumer, but also that of manufacturers, OEMs, start ups and entrepreneurs. It is time that we look at E-mobility from a larger perspective and have a holistic approach towards the same.

In this webinar, Mr Vibhuj Binani from D’accord Incorporated will throw light on key elements of this topic:

  • How should we look at transitioning from vehicle-centric finance to an ecosystem finance?
  • How can E-mobility lower credit risk?
  • Micro-Project finance and its use in financing electric mobility projects (moving away from archaic asset credit to a cashflow based model)
  • The role of the Millennial in dictating new vehicle finance schemes
  • Use of E-mobility to finance rapid urbanization

This 1-hour session will include a presentation followed by Q&A. The webinar will be of interest to various groups, including policy-makers, OEMs, EV component manufacturers and operators of all modes, and electricity service providers.


Vibhuj Binani, Managing Director, D’Accord Incorporated

Mr. Binani is an aerospace engineer by training and has specialized in alternative energy propulsion systems. Working in engineering modelling, Mr. Binani was responsible for the development of transportation solutions for lighter than air vehicles, medical assistance drones, satellite propulsion, hyperloop transportation systems, and electric hybrid powertrains. He has worked in various position as an engineer and investment banker creating engineering and financing solutions for carbon-free and carbon-neutral projects. Mr. Binani leads the sustainable development finance practice at D’Accord where he has created new financial instruments to finance electric mobility projected of $250 Million in India and North America.  Mr. Binani is on the board of numerous startups in the green energy and electric mobility space and is an active advisor to institutions on the transition to a green economy.

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