Recorded January 24, 2023 10:00 am

South-South Dialogue

Series: Air Quality Community of Practice of LATAM and African cities

The closing of the first stage of the Air Quality Community of Practice of LATAM and African cities was moderated by Daniel Ibañez (Digital Marketing and Communication Specialist, WRI). During the meeting, high-level authorities and project members shared their experiences, lessons learned and needs from the first seven technical sessions.

We also learned about some results, areas of opportunity and next steps for the WRI team to continue with the next stage.

Carina Arvizu – Cities Director, WRI Mexico

Rebekah Shirley – Deputy Regional Director, WRI Africa

Desmond Appiah – National Leader, Clean Air Fund, Ghana

Patricia Martinez – Executive Director, IMEPLAN, Guadalajara

Carolina Urrutia – District Secretariat of Environment, Bogota

Ibrahim Otieno – Chief Officer Environment and Natural Resources, Nairobi City County

Elizabeth Albarrán – Head of the Climate Change and Resilience Unit, Zapopan, Jalisco

Jair Carrillo – Air Quality Specialist, Secretariat of Environment, Nuevo Leon, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Maurice Kavai – Deputy director Climate Change, Nairobi City County

Alex Ndyabakira – Epidemiologist, Kampala Capital City Authority, Kampala, Uganda

Victoria Owusu – Ghana Meteorological Agency

George Mwaniki – Head of Air Quality, WRI Africa