Recorded October 4, 2022 9:00 am

Seventh Technical Session | Use of satellite products to identify and quantify emissions

Series: Air Quality Community of Practice of LATAM and African cities

The seventh and final technical seminar of the Air Quality Community of Practice for LATAM and African cities was moderated by Ana Cecilia Perales (Air Quality Coordinator, WRI Mexico).

This session explored satellite measurements as a method of providing complementary air quality information. Information from satellite products opens the opportunity to visualize the spatial distribution of emission sources as well as air quality especially in places where surface measurements are not performed.

Michel Grutter, Researcher (Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate Change)

Benjamin de Foy, Professor, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (Saint Louis University)

Yira Fonseca, Professional (Information and Environmental Modeling Center (Secretariat of the Environment of Bogotá)

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