Recap | Second Stage: CanAIRy Alert Training

Series: CanAIRy Alert Training

The CanAIRy Alert project, with support from the Clean Air Fund, held a “CanAIRy Alert Training: Tools for Air Quality Management and Capacity Building” to train air quality practitioners from Global South cities on two air quality management tools enabling Air Quality Forecasting and Pollution Insights, using remote sensing products. 

The Air Quality Communities of Practice from Latin America and Africa, as well as WRI’s new Southeast Asia Community of Practice, gathered for the first time ten representatives from different levels (from local to national) of nine cities and states from three continents and five countries in Mexico City to participate in different sessions focused on the use of satellite products, identification of emission sources, identification of health and economic impacts, and GEOS-CF Air Quality Forecast.

For this workshop, participants’ expectations revolved around learning about the experiences of other cities in air quality management, satellite image analysis and processing tools, understanding the science to support air quality policy development, and learning how to improve air quality communication to the public.