Recorded February 7, 2019 11:00 am

Nature-Based Solutions for Water and Resilience: An Overview for Cities and Urban Planners

Series: Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development

Nature-based Solutions (NBS) that strategically conserve or restore nature to support conventionally built infrastructure systems can produce more resilient and lower-cost services in cities. NBS are increasingly used to achieve water and energy security, manage disaster risk, and enhance social wellbeing in cities.

Putting these solutions into practice requires new skills and approaches. For example, planners must be able to assess and design suitable NBS as components of broader infrastructure systems. A variety of multi-sector stakeholders must be brought to the table. And although NBS can create new financing opportunities, legal changes are sometimes required to unlock investments in NBS. This webinar will review the state of NBS practice and highlight key considerations for implementation in and around cities.