Recorded July 12, 2018 11:00 am

How to Incorporate TOD Strategy into Master Plans


Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is already established as one of the main urban planning strategies for compact growth. However, implementation is currently a challenge. TOD requires a legal framework that permits the correct management of urban land in connection to the transportation systems. Master Plans are key instruments for establishing the tools and developing the environment to make TOD a reality. WRI Brasil launched a publication that presents the actions to incorporate TOD into Master Plans, based on the advanced legal framework in Brazil that can be replicated in many countries. The webinar will present the concepts of compact growth, TOD and urban planning instruments. Detailing the actions and legal mechanisms that should be used by the local governments to promote TOD through urban legislation and planning. 

Speaker: Henrique Evers, Urban Development Manager, WRI Brasil Ross Center

Henrique is an Urban Development Manager currently working with WRI Brasil’s Urban Development and Accessibility team. Henrique holds a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning, from the University of Málaga, Spain, with focus on Geographic Information Systems. He has also done research on pedestrian and wheelchair navigation systems, walkability conditions, and urban mobility.